The Rise against all Odds

Every Cricket fan has been a happy soul after witnessing some real and good Cricket in the past one month. As the new no. 1 test side in the world, this Pakistan team is not yet a ceased process. This team has evolved before us and is making progress that has added to the charm and aura of Pakistan’s recently achieved feat.

Though, the world was expecting a much better and more stellar performance from Pakistan’s bowling attack, especially from Amir as he did not turn out to be the type of dangerous we were imagining.  Wahab Riaz was magnificent in small amounts but it would have been much more productive if he turned those breathtaking breakthroughs into certain spells with a tinge of consistency. Yasir Shah’s effect was clear and distinctive but bowling long spells without any other bowler taking a lead at the other end of spell made things long and predictive.


On the batting front, things were different from the anticipation that surrounded their batting performance. Where Sami Aslam and Azhar Ali grew better and more patient as the series progressed, it was gratifying to see Misbah and Younis hungry for some more beautiful knocks.

Some people have started murmuring against Pakistan, with regard to the incongruity (that some find) in the Test ranking process. They shouldn’t, nobody should. The rankings have been like this for a very long time for all teams, no matter what the method of calculation is. But considering the downfall Pakistan Cricket saw after the fixing scandal, some other inevitable circumstances, the disappointments faced in limited-overs Cricket and no home games for last six years, it seems legit. And if the wins in Australia or another country is concerned then we must realize that not all teams reach the top by defeating every single team, some fail at places and succeed at some.

And last one year the world has witnessed a fair share of test matches and undoubtedly the finest team performance has come from Pakistan. The only thing that worked into their favor was the weather of Port-of-Spain otherwise, they pulled off the feat with sheer determination, hard work, and a belief. A belief to make their countrymen proud and while playing they made sure the world gets to know what Pakistan is.

Looking at the ranking table and the upcoming fixtures of all the matches, it does seem like Misbah’s army is not going to stay on top for long. But, their decline of performance, struggle to be back with the same strength and their rise against all odds was worth this beautiful moment of success. Pakistan has not just achieved a top rank, they have portrayed a story of bravery and persistence that is going to inspire the Cricket world forever.


Author: indifferentmusing

I believe love, laughter and a thought spared for peace can overcome all the differences in the world.

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