A Night of Celebration

India lifts the Kabaddi World Cup 2016 in an intriguing contest against Meraj Sheykh led Iran.


This feeling might not be the same for everyone but there is something special about a sportsperson’s smile.  That one smile that lights up their face after a game portrays all the sweat, determination, perseveration, struggle and hardwork that have gone into the process of achieving something. 

Yesterday, the highlight of the Kabaddi World Cup final between India and Iran remained the breath taking raids by Ajay Thakur, some beautiful defense tactics by Surjeet and a perfectly executed captaincy of Anup Kumar and the team effort by the rest of the players. Indians overturned the first-half debacle with a strong second-half show. Nitin Tomar and Surendar Nada played an important role in taking India from being 13-18 to reaching a comprehensive score of 38-29.

But, what caught my eye was the sound and profound attack of Iran’s team. I believe for me the best match of the tournament was the first semi final where Iran defeated South Korea; their comeback in the second half was utmost beauty. Led by Meraj Sheykh, a complete package of talent in himself and with a strong combination of defenders like Fazel Atrachali from the left corner and Farhad from the right wing and raider Korouki, Iran’s performance was something that is going to be remembered as one of the bests that the world has ever seen.

And it made every viewer happy to witness a contest between two equally talented teams who played the game fair and hard at the same time. 

Khoobsurati’ is not what you see in those photo shoots, it is when you find a player doing all that can be done with sweat, blood, tears and effort.

Author: indifferentmusing

I believe love, laughter and a thought spared for peace can overcome all the differences in the world.

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