The Fine Dine

“Where were you?”

“At the Domino’s, why?”

“Oh! That’s great… But with whom?”


“Why did you eat alone? How can you eat alone? I mean don’t you feel weird sitting all alone in a restaurant, what would the rest of the people around you have thought?”

Some people eat alone grudgingly but for others, it’s an act to reward themselves. Spending money on us or simply enjoying the pleasure and power of food itself are reasons good enough to dine alone.

Alone doesn’t always have to mean lonely and going solo has its own undiscovered yet realistic benefits.  Spending time with our inner self can increase our ingenuity and make us more likable to our own choices.

If we are alone that means it will be a relieving break from surface-level chitchat and that gives our brain a chance to observe and think about issues of self-importance that go unnoticed while we are busy socializing.

Eating alone also converges our mind to cherish the taste of our meal and experience it.

Why don’t we eat alone or go for shopping alone more often?

Probably because we are not taught to and not taught how to!

If you see someone shopping alone at a mall or having a pizza alone at a table, don’t think of them as a failure or that they are disconnected from the world because learning to enjoy a meal out with only the presence of our own self is an empowering experience, one that provides us a chance to attend both our body and the mind consciously.

It takes strong, self-sufficient and self-assured people to eat alone. They aren’t socially obstinate, but socially tolerant. They have graduated past the social norms so many of us are attached to in a way that at times it gets in our way to enjoy things.

Did we ask ever “Why are you eating with a bunch of people?”, so then needlessly said no questions invited for my choice of dining too.

The truth is that eating alone is a treat and this is an answer to every single person out there asking me every day, “Why did you go alone? Have you fought with your seatmate?”

No. I am just happy. Now, deal with it.



Author: indifferentmusing

I believe love, laughter and a thought spared for peace can overcome all the differences in the world.

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