Anything can make us happy given that we must be willing to be happy.

No weather, no person, no deed and no memory is meant to make us sad or happy, it is all in the head.

Happiness is all about what we think about, how we perceive situations, how we react to life and how much we get affected with what happens around.

“I don’t like winters, even when I have enough sweaters;unlike others around me, I love monsoons because deep inside somewhere I feel that I can relate to the sound of rain drops, smell of soil and the typical faded colour of everything that surrounds me during the drizzle.”

There is this interesting difference between the state of affliction and contentment.

They say it is hard to forget the pain, yes it is.

But pain, suffering, torture and the agony after everything always leave behind a scar.

Hence, we remember them easily.

Also it symbolises that a wound or a nightmare has ended, been sealed and healed.

But the state of elation leave behind nothing other than a thought or a memory to stick with.

Nothing stays to symbolise what made us happy years ago, it just passes away with time.

You might capture the moment in a photograph but you can never seize the reason or the exact juncture that made you happy.

Happiness cannot be reached, earned, taught, inherited, bought or learnt, it comes from within.

It has always been about us, it will always remain about us.


Author: indifferentmusing

I believe love, laughter and a thought spared for peace can overcome all the differences in the world.

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