I believe no matter how unproductive our day goes we learn something new everyday.

Today, behaving like a typical nagging and moody introvert, I was constantly complaining to a close friend of mine (who is an extrovert) about his socializing habits, his friends, his frame of mind regarding other people and what not.

And now as I sit down on my bed, surrounded with the familiarity of my room, my bed and my pillows I realize how ungrateful I am.

I had a great day today with him considering the fact that I hate social interaction, we laughed together, we ate together, we argued together and we hoped for having good photographs together.

But I still sounded unhappy with him, heedless of all the efforts made by him considering the fact that he has a long list of friends waiting to join him for a reckless couple of hours.

Lying down in the dark as I go through the photographs that we clicked together, I realize how happy I was in his company regardless of some of his annoying and immature habits.

I am the one with the idiotic grin

Nobody or to be specific nothing is perfect in this world and I guess life will become much more light and yielding once we learn to acknowledge and consequently appreciate more things around us.

And to conclude I would like to point this widely accepted fact that friends are not easy to find so we must stick to those few priceless people around us who make us feel better about ourselves.


Author: indifferentmusing

I believe love, laughter and a thought spared for peace can overcome all the differences in the world.

4 thoughts on “Lessons”

  1. Ah I feel you! As an introvert we live in a culture that glorifies our opposite… we can start to be unhappy with our lot and feel extroverts have an easier time and more fun but even people surrounded by friends and super popular could be miserable inside! I was having a chat with another introvert friend recently and we were talking about schooldays and she said how I seemed so confident and popular that she was intimidated… which seems so silly considering I was quite unhappy and didn’t feel I had many real friendships at all! It’s so easy to project our feelings onto the reality of the situation!

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