Wounded & Bloodshot

A hollow night & the recurring dreams

Darkness hustled echoes of my impenitent screams

Fathoming my fears fuelled a trance

Disdain came forth, started a romance


Unleashing the smoke, it started a fire

Stars became ashes, my miseries seemed less dire

I saw you in my dream, longing for the embrace

I wept, gave in, to the incubus of my past


Deceiving promises, you left molten candles on my soul

I made the mistakes, I paid the toll

Drenched in horror, I dread your smile

You reached out for my hand, it all turned beguile


My nightmares talked, shout to me

Oblivious to the daylight, I learn obscurity

I lay down on your feet, wounded & torn

Ambiguity is lost & a woman is born


Rapacious storms await my belief

When the only tree won’t lose its last leaf

I promise you’d lose& someday I will love again

Nights will recede; I’ll catch my morning train


I haven’t lost faith, I never will

Without debacles, life loses its thrill

With men & hickeys, I escape abyss

Walking down the aisle, I seal it with a kiss.


Author: indifferentmusing

I believe love, laughter and a thought spared for peace can overcome all the differences in the world.

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