The man in my backyard

At times in life, it is not enough that we move on from our past and focus on the new things ahead, it is also important that we accept our past and make peace with it.



Intoxicating lies, endless fears

A rhyming onus is all I hear

The seasons turned, birds left for their homes

I see my past, an unruffled gnome


On the crack of dawn, I ran hard, laughed harder

I run into you, ironies kill the ardor

You made the sun seem gray, it started to rain

Chaos coils up in my head as we meet again


You are not the warm hug I wept for

You are every corporeal mortal; unsettling & hoar

Unbeknownst to my own presence; I stare through your eyes

O misery! Hold my hand; take me to the land of comforting lies


Embarking on a journey, I close the doors

Inhaling scents of belief on a corroded shore

As I walk away from my haven, I leave you the key

‘Cause you are the man in my backyard, who refuses to leave.


Author: indifferentmusing

I believe love, laughter and a thought spared for peace can overcome all the differences in the world.

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