​Let’s start all over again

O face of vanity, have you seen it all?
Droplets of rain have ruined the fall

The more slits you make, the more scars you carve

Unlike the worn out trees like a little drop of aqua, you starve

Shades of grey may hold you at bay

Which color will lead me to you, while you are away?

Phantasm of fleeting emotions shall lead you nowhere

A blare of disappointment is always good when rare

I haven’t seen your subtle laughter& we haven’t been the best of friends

Let us take a step forward, let us tie up the loose ends

Together we have hated, together we can smile

I will have your back when you walk down the aisle

Why are we so proud, careless & brazen?

When our world is deprived of love with hatred on display

Let’s switch places so we can share the pain

Let us unburden our ship, let’s start all over again.


Author: indifferentmusing

I believe love, laughter and a thought spared for peace can overcome all the differences in the world.

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