Overwhelming Dimensions of Justice!

What do you think of the world around us?

After the disturbing incident that took place in Las Vegas, it got me thinking that what are we headed towards?

If you look around you will see nothing but hatred. Hate for a religion, a community, a so called- outsider and any logically functional adult.

The Americans expected a change in gun laws when the disgraceful Orlando shooting massacre happened, Pakistan expected reforms when the disheartening Peshawar attack happened, India’s been awaiting a paradigm shift from the forced culture to something pertaining to education & development, countries highly under the influence of the much sought after terrorist organizations are still struggling for the basic human rights; but at least we are boasting about our all-round development and liberal thinking on the front well!

Did not we all dream of living a life absent of pain, violence and wars?

But from what it appears to be the world is slowly becoming a very scary place consisting of all the things that we feared of.

There is a popular quote which goes by the words, “Madness is a matter of perspective” and if you are close enough to comprehend the things that breathe around you: commoners, communalism, conspiracy, capitalism and climate change, you would realize how everything that you see and all the things that you are conditioned to believe in because you think in a certain way. So, your chaos is someone else’s arrangement. And in our present day scenario it seems true as it justifies our actions well.

If the leader of a country believes that provoking (awaking) people against one community by terming it as the villain would help, then you can’t blame him because he wants to create a world whose foundation is laid on his beliefs.

In that case you might wonder what the right thing to do is.

How many of us believe in redemption and second chances?

On paper: everyone.

In reality: Mostly no one.

I believe to consider it once and for all that violence, brutality, bloodshed and killings are neither subjective nor reasonable.

Once violence springs forth, justice takes a back seat.

Violence is a vicious cycle and no matter what the crime is death (or complete removal of an individual or even community) does not eradicate the reasons that are well rooted in our upbringing, culture, sophistication, politically accepted national boundaries and the realms of our liberal opinions.

Wars and violence are never the response team solutions to the societal problems that we face. Because death is not something that us mortals are very happy in dealing with.

For starters we must learn to work on our differences.

This all might sound a bit rhetoric, abstract and unjust. This also possibly seem like something part fo a long process but nothing can outlast humanity.

I don’t believe that killing individuals, murdering a leader or burning up an entire village is the solution rather I believe let us start from the beginning.

I am also the same kid who believes that capital punishment should not be a thing anymore. Because no judicial system in the world is accurate enough to be always right in providing judgment to the accused and an innocent person might be hanged for no reason at all; this reason is continually objected to by the lawmakers and the practitioners, though.

The sad part does not end with this reason, because according to the comprehensive studies conducted across the countries that allow death penalty to persist it is seen that capital punishment has very little restraining effect on crime.

You can never compare two lives unless we talk about civilians in masses, self defense or when there is no scope of redemption.

Educate people about the power of humanity and compassion. We are all Anakin Skywalker waiting to become Darth Vader but we can also work on ourselves and remain the most skilled Jedi than becoming someone who has nothing but darkness inside.


​Hello, Misogyny. My old friend!

Opinion & beauty don’t go together
Stay pretty my friend & as light as feather
Shades of you, lead you places
Your fear gets bigger, insecurity it embraces.

“A little learning is a dangerous thing.”

 -Alexander Pope (1688 – 1744)

We have come a long way, fighting our battles and dodging the catcalls every day. 

But what are we leading towards? 

As far as the current social scenario is concerned feminism is growing up to become a dreaded F-word, completely misunderstood and unnecessarily misapprehended. In the geeky, bookish language the definition of feminism is: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

Yes, the commonly misused and hated word of ‘Feminism’ traces its origin from a concept that normalizes equality amongst genders rather than promoting misandry or pointless man-bashing.

Ever wondered why a word so simple and a concept so expectedly innate is so hard for the society to understand?

Probably because most of us have no idea how bad women once had it and how hard life was without being able to be receptive to basic rights of equality. 

Another hard hitting and absolutely disheartening reason might be that the male section of the society that calls itself ‘liberal’ and is expectedly ‘all ears’ for equal rights still terms a girl or a woman with an opinion as ‘bossy’, ‘feisty’, ’don’t be such a mom’, ‘bitch’ and ‘unwomanly(manly)’.

Georgetown University linguist Deborah Tannen once explained that if a woman speaks and acts in ways that are expected of a woman, she will be liked but may be underestimated. If she acts in ways that are expected of a person in authority, she may be respected but will probably be viewed as too aggressive. 

The problem does not solely lie with the primary predators/secondary victims (men), because regarding the problematic existence of patriarchy in our society, the secondary predators and the primary victims i.e., women are also responsible in perpetuating the same.

The differences in the cultural & economical nuances with respect to people  belonging to capitalist class, working class and the vaguely discussed middle class creates a clear distinction of priorities amongst the genders of the society. And that often deflects us from our aims of creating an atmosphere based on gender equality.

When we are unaware or more sadly, ignorant of the systems of oppression around us, we are participating willingly in disseminating those systems.

Although yes feminism has surely challenged the historical & tyrannical patriarchal structure of the society that we are living in but at the same time in a lot of discussions that I have read and observed the definition of feminism is more self centered and focused on self enhancement rather than combined action for women in masses hence restraining its aim to liberate a single class.

The barriers to women’s progress are not individually produced; they are structural, pertaining to the age old and reluctant structure of society, embedded within the economic scenario of capitalism.

The present young generation (inclusive of all three genders) lashes out at any woman talking about women rights because it thinks that supposedly the things we asked for are already achieved and now women want an upper hand to everything but sadly as mistaken as they are the war is far from won.

As we become more and more aware the focus of discussions must shift from advocating only for women’s rights ( practically mostly effecting the upper class women) to the topic of intersectional feminism that compels us to understand and hence work upon the basic civil liberties of women with diverse identities of different socio-economic and cultural background.

I am working hard on my thought process to understand how subjugation of ‘free minds’ comes in different forms as a result of Kyriarchy (a widely unpopular term amongst the Indian society because well who cares) and we all might be privileged and exploited at the same time with respect to the varying attributes of our severed individuality.

(The term Kyriarchy was coined by Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza. In simpler words Kyriarchy is the social system that keeps all intersecting oppressions in place. Source: Wikipedia)

We often blame men for not understanding the dynamics of feminism but what we time and again fail to acknowledge is our capacity to fully comprehend the issues of women as a mass.

And on the same front where we are conditioned to believe that women are the worst enemies of their own race, we preferably forget the part where promoting hatred, jealousy and unhealthy competition amongst different women circles is another farfetched consequence incorporated by Patriarchy. 

None of us are free when even one of us isn’t. 

And for people of my age, people like me (because in ways justified only to me, even I am judgmental about women with different preferences than me) it is important that we support the girl who wants to act in films, the one who wants to study cars, the one who wants to be a homemaker and the one who still does not know what she has to do with her life.

Lives were lost in battles forgotten

Priceless the freedom is; though it may seem rotten

Here we are wearing the specs of wisdom

Let’s not forget the rest akin, as we march ahead in the days to come.

We need to be more accepting, culturally; empathetic, economically; and inclusive to all differences in order to unite as one, fight as one.

Right & Wrong

Righteousness is a myth. Pick your battles and fight them with all that you’ve got. Because towards the end everybody leaves, what remains is your actions and your honesty towards your conviction. We care so much about being good but who chooses what is good? It’s going to be wrong for someone or the other and that’s why you do what you gotta do. 

Embracing the fear

We despise things that we don’t understand. We despise things that are somewhat better than us. We despise things that are not in our control. More than hatred its fear. We fear too much to be grateful for the things that we already have.

We don’t hate failing at things rather we fear failure.

The biggest tragedy of life is still the fact where the imperfect and broken forms of life; humans choose to be afraid of success. We are capable of so much in our life that we don’t know because we choose not to. We are born as the product of one of the most beautiful phenomena of our mother nature but then we make nothing out of it.

We live in the ways designed for us, sit in the chairs named after us, run in the races not even meant for us and while we do so we all have one thing in common: fear.

We fear to get into new territories, we fear to trust, we fear to change things from the way they are, we fear to take roads that nobody told us about, we fear to plant a sapling over placing a bomb, we fear to be good; we fear to do good.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. 

-Marianne Williamson

We are afraid to stand out, we are afraid of standing up for ourselves; we are afraid of knowing the truth, we are afraid of speaking it; we are afraid of not being liked, we are afraid of losing a place.

Does it really matter that much?

Why do we want to fit in so much in a society that is made out of countless flaws that trace their histories from age old civilizations, a society that breathes the air of insecurity, a society that knows nothing but to hate?

Let us not allow our fears to conquer our love for others, lets us not be afraid of being selfless; let us not be afraid of being too trusting, let’s get deceived again, don’t let go of your fears, let us embrace them.

We often fear what we do not understand; our best defense is knowledge.
– Tuvok (Star Trek: Voyager)

Fear is not a bad thing, it shows us our limits so that we can push them further, it urges us to work harder to learn the truth, fear is important because it allows us to take steps ahead, towards knowledge.

​Let’s start all over again

O face of vanity, have you seen it all?
Droplets of rain have ruined the fall

The more slits you make, the more scars you carve

Unlike the worn out trees like a little drop of aqua, you starve

Shades of grey may hold you at bay

Which color will lead me to you, while you are away?

Phantasm of fleeting emotions shall lead you nowhere

A blare of disappointment is always good when rare

I haven’t seen your subtle laughter& we haven’t been the best of friends

Let us take a step forward, let us tie up the loose ends

Together we have hated, together we can smile

I will have your back when you walk down the aisle

Why are we so proud, careless & brazen?

When our world is deprived of love with hatred on display

Let’s switch places so we can share the pain

Let us unburden our ship, let’s start all over again.


You know it’s going to be a timeless classic when the names of Christopher Nolan, Cilian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Hans Zimmer are seen in a shared space only to recreate the horrors of the infamous Dunkirk Evacuation during World War II. 

Nolan is a gift to the world of Cinema. Without a tinge of bloodshed drama, this movie still lets you feel the shades of brutality and chaos that any war has to offer. 

Dunkirk is not a tale of the conquerors or the triumph amidst war rather it unravels the stories of courage & struggle shown by the British civilians and the military to save their own people. Portraying the quintessential picture of an often forgotten moment of British history, Nolan delivers his usual finest piece of work with Dunkirk. 

While driving one of the Spitfires, Tom Hardy managed to sooth us again with his ‘Bane’ mask. The locations and cinematic experience throughout the movie was painfully beautiful as it occurred every second that the souls out there are breathing the air of countless deaths. 

“We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender”, an excerpt from popular speech by Churchill is also included as the young soldier reads it out to another soldier. 

With such little dialogue, each and every frame in the movie shouted out the details. And as the movie ends with Tom Hardy getting captured by the German soldiers who can be vaguely seen with the sight of a setting sun behind them, it leaves us to imagine what happened with Farrier.

P.S. This isn’t a review, this is just a Nolan fan appreciating what a brilliant movie Dunkirk is! ❤