The man in my backyard

At times in life, it is not enough that we move on from our past and focus on the new things ahead, it is also important that we accept our past and make peace with it.



Intoxicating lies, endless fears

A rhyming onus is all I hear

The seasons turned, birds left for their homes

I see my past, an unruffled gnome


On the crack of dawn, I ran hard, laughed harder

I run into you, ironies kill the ardor

You made the sun seem gray, it started to rain

Chaos coils up in my head as we meet again


You are not the warm hug I wept for

You are every corporeal mortal; unsettling & hoar

Unbeknownst to my own presence; I stare through your eyes

O misery! Hold my hand; take me to the land of comforting lies


Embarking on a journey, I close the doors

Inhaling scents of belief on a corroded shore

As I walk away from my haven, I leave you the key

‘Cause you are the man in my backyard, who refuses to leave.


There are nights when all else seems achievable other than the peaceful descending into the state of sleep. Eyes won’t shut down, heart won’t stop throbbing with a burning pain and your aching limbs won’t let you think about anything other than a fear that overrules every fragment of courage that your heart has given birth to. Every bully, every heartbreak, every insult and every debacle echoes in your mind and the nights die for no reason leaving you weary and sucked.


An awakened spirit, morose & remorseful

Talked about things, burnt & beautiful

Cicadas hum, setting silence ablaze

Shadows set in, his eyes wandered in daze


A heart so sallow leaves the night overturned

An evaded mind with courage all spurned

Whenever he conceives a dream with eyes closed

Monsters of pain descend, with gruesome reality disclosed.

Be compassionate, live forever.

Seek love, make peace & cherish the gratitude.


A melodious horizon arrives with zest

Fetching together colors of freedom

Awaiting the endless scars to be caressed

Our world so naïve; a pliant coliseum

The fragrance of war brought unfamiliar grief

Earth wept as vanity rose

Leaving us in despair, rulers took a sigh of relief

Reality struck ideologies, happiness froze

You still believe it’s okay to kill?

Because nothing outlives cries and shrieks

You can surpass my strength but not my impregnable will

When love descends from up & above; seldom hatred creaks

There will never be enough aversion & the world will see

Love will trespass principles; flourish with an unsullied glee.


As Lucius Annaeus Seneca said, “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness” and here we have a whole human race dying amidst its own confused state of mind that knows nothing but to hate.

Our world has become a place that breathes hatred, hostility, and indifference. We are moving towards a future that will be completely deficient of love, compassion, and acceptance.

The world is being ruled and consumed with mindsets supporting the ideologies regarding age-old stereotypes and absurd religious extremism.

I always thought that as we are moving ahead with time, the borders, hatred among communities and the religious differences will hold no significance in the modern world. But here we are in the 21st century still fighting against the same old evil: hatred.

Sooner or later every individual would understand that when you love, you single-handedly reform hundreds of lives around you and when you utter thoughts of malevolence you destroy innumerable souls at once.

Wounded & Bloodshot

A hollow night & the recurring dreams

Darkness hustled echoes of my impenitent screams

Fathoming my fears fuelled a trance

Disdain came forth, started a romance


Unleashing the smoke, it started a fire

Stars became ashes, my miseries seemed less dire

I saw you in my dream, longing for the embrace

I wept, gave in, to the incubus of my past


Deceiving promises, you left molten candles on my soul

I made the mistakes, I paid the toll

Drenched in horror, I dread your smile

You reached out for my hand, it all turned beguile


My nightmares talked, shout to me

Oblivious to the daylight, I learn obscurity

I lay down on your feet, wounded & torn

Ambiguity is lost & a woman is born


Rapacious storms await my belief

When the only tree won’t lose its last leaf

I promise you’d lose& someday I will love again

Nights will recede; I’ll catch my morning train


I haven’t lost faith, I never will

Without debacles, life loses its thrill

With men & hickeys, I escape abyss

Walking down the aisle, I seal it with a kiss.

Faith is rewarded

I’m no longer apologetic about how much I care.


The bridge never existed

I can still see it though

The connections have dried themselves to death

I can still feel the warmth though


The miseries are subjective

My faith never was

I learnt to see through you

Rest were deluded by the laws


Surrounded with insecurities

The karma had it’s own laugh

When your hopes led to obscurity

I still didn’t succumb to the chaff


When you shiver in cold, a night so wild

I would still choose to die beside you

For I have seen your soul when it smiled

And continuing to love was all I knew.


Basics of love

Loving someone is easier than keeping the love intact. No relation is eternal, every connection is as strong as the person’s will to keep it that way. I might be too young to talk about love, a vague feeling that is as big as an ocean when we talk about it. And we might love someone with all our heart only to realize we aren’t in love with them. It’s an unconscious decision that we take while we deny things that our mind has already accepted. This is complex but is easier when you understand yourself. The first step towards loving others is to accept our own unique persona and fall in love with it. That’s when you know, whom to kiss on the cheek and whom to kiss on the neck. 😉


I have this uncanny liking towards the summer. Summers are my favorite as the sun shines so bright, the sea shore looks magical, the sailors sail high, the noons are delightful, the evenings are mysteriously beautiful, the clear skies talk about unresolved melancholy and the nights are liberated off shackles. And when the sunlight hits you, the world seems more fresh, more alive. Nostalgia kicks in and the ripened fruits seem more ready than ever. During summer, my migraine unlocks a new level of pain but a sight of the pulsating nature and the scent of some invincible memories make sure everything is worth it.