It is here

Sooner than you’d know

All that you know

All that you’ve seen

This is it, the apocalypse.


Spilling blood, so secular

I’ve seen the world burn in a whiff

You’ve heard of it, a sound; familiar

I might as well ask, will you jump off the cliff?

I wake up just in time for a deadly warship.


You feel the heat, ripping you from the inside

Chaos breaks loose, the fire turns on us

How do you know, it ends with a swordfight?

I don’t know all of it; the water is all I trust

It doesn’t stay; the next of kin or the broken kinship


The dream comes to an end, heroes see a demise

It started off one way, reached out amidst stars; the other

Fighting their way through lives capsized

It’s a revolution from what I could fathom

An effigy clouds the sun; it’s the last of our eclipses.


Dying Dreams

My dreams are mostly frozen

Burning fire seems alive

I haven’t known a soul so lost

So dragged, so out of time

I don’t think I remember

What it feels to breathe the light

This cave feels a home that was torn apart overnight

I stare out of the void at its end

The bats keep me company; hanging right by my side

Water flows inside, my naked sculpture stands firm

Dying rays of hope push me beyond, irony becomes my ride

The shiny celestial hits the cave

A gushing inrush breaks the ice

Unhurt, impatient; I am no longer ridden

Flying foxes feast on my flesh

The warm blood fuels the air, water swallows us all

Dead, wreaked & broken, I finally find freedom

My remains flow along the debris of my home

I swim; I glide. 

Wakanda Forever! 

Black Panther is amongst those very few movies where you know it from the beginning till that end credits scene that Marvel is at its utmost best, and the movie was nothing short of being a perfect standalone movie. Ryan Coogler made a movie so good, it is reasonable to claim that the superhero: Black Panther created over 50 years ago by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby couldn’t have been portrayed better.

Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael Jordan, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis everybody was born for the amazing roles that the film offered. And it might be hard to say who among the incredible cast of characters in Black Panther reigns supreme but if you ask me Shuri, T’Challa’s 16-year-old sister and the super talented princess of Wakanda, played by Letitia Wright stole the show.

Aside from the fact that she was so amazing in every scene with her charm and brilliant acting, she is also the architect ensuring Wakanda’s supremacy as the most scientifically advanced nation in the world. She preps her brother and their entire nation with the cutting-edge Vibranium technology, armor, and weaponry that enables them to be so badass. The Busan car chase scene was one such exemplary act in the given context.

Shuri represented a future we all need to build and work upon if we hope to develop as a fully grown and unwavering human nation, capable to its full potential.

“On a brief, Bondian foray to a casino in Busan, South Korea, T’Challa brings along Nakia and Okoye as teammates. A later mission has a still-greater female/male ratio of three-to-one. This is a film that does not merely pass the Bechdel test, it demolishes it. Moreover, there is an uncommon richness to the female characters, in their interactions both with T’Challa—as mother, as sister, as ex-lover, as bodyguard—and with one another. A scene late in the film in which Nakia and Okoye question the basis of one another’s loyalties is among the best in the entire movie.” – The Atlantic

Jordan did a great job as Killmonger, one of the very popular antagonists of T’Challa; it was good to have a villain where his actions were justified and well understood even though I did not root for him.


The movie puts forward the story about two men both belonging to the royal bloodline — T’Challa and Eric Killmonger — and the conditions around their upbringing and how that affects their outlook on the world. In building out this division in perspective between them, Coogler delivers both a hero and villain whose motivations are completely reasonable to us. The difference is how they chose to act upon how they feel, and those methods are also prevalent in their circumstances.

“Move, Captain! I won’t ask a second time.”

I already was in so much awe of Chadwick Boseman since I watched him do that triple kick on Cap during the immensely popular airport fight scene in Civil War and now watching him evolve into becoming the king of Wakanda was simply heartwarming.

I would love to see more of Dora Milaje, in the upcoming movies from MCU. But today I was proud of MCU again for bringing Wakanda on screen in a way that when you come out of the theatre you feel it inside your bones that the movie has it all. It shows exactly the kind of thinking the world requires right now.

The musical score by Kendrick Lamar and the other name that I have forgotten was beautifully endowed throughout the movie making it all much more spectacular.

Last but certainly not the least, do not miss the post credits scene. It was so consoling to see Shuri helping Bucky with his healing and recovery after all that he has been through. Also, to those whom the scene caught off guard, Shuri  referring to Bucky as the white wolf also gives a silent nod to the popular comic book character of T’Challa’s adoptive brother  Hunter who was called as White Wolf to be the answer to our curiosity about Bucky’s future.


​A vortex of emotions

Humming us all in, into beyond infinity

Isn’t vanity a staple in life?

Who are you, inside the armour?

What holds you beneath that mask?

If a storm were to wash us all away;

Like fishes in the yummy Indian curry

What colour shall I look for?

The moon doesn’t tell; perhaps he bluffs

Oblivious to something so indigent

The sun and the stars don’t know either

It takes forever to find you, trodden somewhere in the dusty alley

Nature sings for me, perplexed you wonder

Nothing shines at my beck & call

And my own eccentricity lacks the colour desired

But I have a scent of my own

An emotion of love, as fallible as it gets.

Placid & inexplicable; quite not as its known


To Infinity and Beyond: 10 years of MCU

We can never be thankful enough to Kevin Feige for bringing all our childhood superheroes most of them all created by another hero Stan Lee, to life on the big screen. The photo shoot brought tears to my eyes because I am proud to be a part of something so big and so special.


It is one thing to read Jack Kirby’s created Captain America comics or watching Spiderman’s heroics on Disney channel but all our favorite characters were so precisely put up amongst us through this giant franchise that MCU created making it all so much more than just fictional characters.


MCU has been a part of our lives since I guess 2008 with RDJ’s immensely beautiful Iron Man who sits there in the middle being the origin of the splendor MCU is today. And the fact that there is always a possibility where space-hopping Guardians of the Galaxy might turn up alongside our Earth’s mightiest superheroes the Avengers, or Doctor Strange and Black Panther could cross paths via a mind-bending rift in the space-time continuum makes it all more remarkable than being just a movie franchise.


From dreaming about being part of Dora Milaje and Valkyrior to realizing thatBlack Widow’s signature move is almost unachievable, we all grew up.

The best parts are still the moments when we all knew who Cap was and how his story started as a ‘patriotically themed superhero’ but Chris Evans made Steve Rogers a part of our lives in a more relatable way, we all drooled over Marvel’s version of Batman, the Black Panther but Chadwick Boseman is the one who will make this lazy piece of shit leave her room and hit the theatres someday, we all debated over Garfield’s Spidey but Tom Holland is the Peter Parker I was able to accept after Tobey.


Cobie Smulders, Zoe Saldana, Elizabeth Olsen, Tessa Thompson and Scarlett Johansson created the badass characters much more inspirational that we will always stay in awe of. The persistence, determination, and ingenuity of all the female characters in Marvel have set a great example for the upcoming generations of girls and boys to look up to. The conflicted yet the charming character of Jessica Jones was amazingly interpreted with the Netflix show that goes by the same name.


Black Widow and Gamora are probably amongst my most favorite Marvel characters because of the strength of their character along with a sense of sheer grit and conviction that they bring with themselves. A lot of credit for that goes to Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Saldana for being born for the roles they play.
Wanda Maximoff who’s character was teased to the audience in the end credits scene of Winter Soldier as the mutant Maximoff twins and her journey from being known as somebody with a very tragic backstory to becoming one of the most powerful beings of Marvel universe suffering is satisfying and would have been great to see Elizabeth Olsen have an individual movie to her name.


MCU started with a plan, it stuck with the plan and that resulted in the magical road leading us all to the Infinity Wars.
Cheers to the 10 years of the magic world that MCU introduced us to and let us move forward with a hope of more awesomeness to witness in the upcoming summers of life.

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​My daydream, illusion 

​My daydream, illusion 

I travel back in time
I see myself making the mistake
The one if not done could prevent it all
Do I confess my love?
Do I intrude the deluded girl?
I guess not
Why, you might ask
You mean the world to me
A world so dead, the corpse doesn’t smell
Unsure from my precision
You vent & ask anyway
My eyes welled up, show no contrition
‘Cause baby my love
For the summer that awaits us
Seems too precious to unwind
I come back, to here
Today oh so mundane
Nothing has changed still
Nobody has vouched in the tiniest voice, yet
Spring talks about how it missed my smell
The one so faint, why bother to tell
Every little thing messed up as it is
My insecurities are sure undone.

The Brazen Breeze

​I am like the brazen breeze

Touching you at places so right

Engulfing you in the love so thick & feelings so new

I will take you to the quietest of night

You would never know what’s coming to you

I am that person, the books warned you about

The one that loves & leaves you with guilt

We meet at the coffee shop; amidst smiles and jitters

A tinge of summer, a shade of spring

The breeze flows through only to be felt

I am the break of dawn; waking you up

To hickeys old and new

You seem to be giving in

You seem to be falling for

A love whose avalanche is going to bury you

My love will wrap you, warm & smothered 

Like a sushi roll clings on to the dead fish inside

Is the air not seeping in, is your body getting cold

Do not fear o loved one

For I love you even if it takes away the whiff of life from you.