Chasing the Sun 

My heart lends me a hand; I blush, I sway

The little box breaks open, waves gush through the bay

Holding the stars with a curious gaze for the night sky

I run, I fall, and the ray of belief seems to be endless

A stretch of green grass, bright brave butterflies honor my mess.

I see the light, the dawn is near, closer to me than ever

My actions seldom heroic take a step forward & abandon fear

Unturned pages of book and the forlorn beach bonfire await my presence

Slow & sloppy, beautiful & happy; a soul sorted & unapologetic

The halo over my head shows and glows, I find myself whilst chasing the sun.


Heir to the Ocean 

I row a faceless boat away from my naked dreams 

The prettiest pearl on shore, shines and beams
Waves crashing, skies lit with revelry
The man I saw, the man I knew
No longer remains, elapsed drops of dew

Ghosts of an estranged fleet cover trails
Brazen winds strike hard, masks sail
A watery abode & pockets of grey azure,
Spared souls & derailed escapades, weep akin
Rowing away I grow close to horizon, the vanishing sunset washes my sin

An inferno rises within, desires fuel my emotions
Burning away my home ashore, I become heir to the ocean. 

Let’s not run away this time!

We blame our lives to be tough, depressing, dysfunctional and strange in ways that make our hearts ache without realising that surviving the unthinkable and going through what seemed impossible at first makes us who we are.

We often choose to run, far away from realities that are ours to bear; truth, ours to be told; battles, ours to be fought and crucible, ours to endure.
Running away makes it look easy, our struggles are momentarily forgotten but in the long run we are mostly losing ourselves into being someone that we are not.
Escaping monstrosity isn’t the solution; facing it with the dull, indecisive and messy version of yourself is.

Midnight Musings

I am bewildered with the divergent nature of human emotions that make us do unthinkable things. The stupid & insignificant surficiality of our actions to resist the abyss of the ambiguous odyssey that our life is; seems interesting if not as productive as supposed. The moment we acknowledge and try to comprehend life, we step into the purgatory seeking redemption for actions that are consistent to our human race.

The Callous Chipper


Silver lining of a dying horizon

Disappearing into a fuzzy mist

A bunch of clowns, led by the netherman

Swallowing the souls, burying the nests



They walk away, striding along the obsolete air

Bargaining justice, impeding morals we share

Did Batman not love Jason Todd enough?

Was it Arkham’s fault or was it the broken handcuff?



An accord of peace signed at graveyards

Did the Lasso of Truth not strike as hard?

Humanity is crippled, righteousness undone

Measuring lives over dazed grief, bloodshed we summon



The Riddler had the answers, so did Jim Gordon

I bet you’d prefer a day under the sun

We have our moments, we have our flaws

We slaughter one another, overlooking the cause



Born with ranks, forced to pick

It’s either Waller or Lawton, which side do you stick?

If only we knew what was right?

If only distinctions were just black and white



In the darkest alleys of Gotham, a tragedy befalls

Gunshots make a scene, the scared kid cries & calls

Don’t be the ally or the dimwitted monster

Let justice find its own way; until then let us remain the callous chipper.

DC & it’s cross-generational icons

Superheroes are always known to risk their lives to protect people from devastating extraterrestrial evils, wicked scientists and stubborn villains whose only purpose is to destroy humans.

But over the years, in all our loved comic books and their amazing movie adaptations, we have all learned to relate with them on a more basic level that recognizes them as flawed humans enveloped in grief and yet strongly driven towards making things better just like the rest of us.

Redemption, bullying, hatred, prejudices, racism, misogyny, hopelessness, isolation, burdened pasts, deaths, solitude, victories and innumerable losses; you’ll be able to feel everything if you let them in.

I love DC, even though my favorite supervillain is Darth Vader followed by Loki and then comes the much talked about master strategist the Joker.

The characters that DC has created impart a wider perception to me. They have somehow become a part of me. Superpowers or not, we all have light within and those icons make following the light easier for us.

My first-ever superhero crush was Batman. As I read more about him, I realized that there’s so much more to him than just the black cape and those superb gadgets.

Batman taught us the essence of compassion. And being compassionate to your enemy does not mean you are weak, rather that shows your real strength.

After witnessing the tragic murder of his parents he still would have lived a life comforting enough but knowing what killed his parents was not a mere mugger rather it was the illness that Gotham was breathing into and he wanted to bring his city a cure, a fresh breeze where the future of Gotham can respire in.

Needlessly said Bruce Wayne’s Batman is my favorite but I love Nightwing too. Dick Grayson or the Nightwing is entirely committed and steadfast in the future of Batman, and unlike the Dark Knight, he is a team player. He values help and we must also cooperate with the people around us because sometimes no matter how noble our cause is but we can’t save the day alone.

Even though the Batman is a human and does not possess any superpowers, the writers have always favored him as he’s been someone who can hold his own against Darkseid while knowing how to take down an army of Kryptonians, he has almost been a God where Grayson, on the other hand, is more like us as he fails, admits it, and tries to improve.

Although Ra’s al Ghul had a dystopian overview about our world he still was one of the most amazingly built characters in the Batman’s world.

“There is no Hell. No Heaven. Only what we make for ourselves.”-Ra’s al Ghul (New Earth)

-Ra’s al Ghul (New Earth)

The CW introduced me to the Flash and as I dug him up, I found a whole new world of characters waiting for me. Being the fastest man alive, The Flash teaches us to move on. There might be things in past that you deeply regret or hate but to survive you must make peace with your past and move ahead or else you’ll be crushed under the burden of your past.

Whether it is the story of Jay Garrick, Barry Allen or Wally West, all the speedsters taught me the fact that every decision we make now is somehow going to affect some distant day of our lives and because we are flawed emotional mortals we are going to make innumerable mistakes but punishing ourselves for that is never going to help, moving on will. We must learn to take responsibility for our decisions & actions and further accept its outcomes.

The speed force illustrates how life is about moving and those who stay static to change are crushed by time.

Every once in a while I have wanted the Green Lantern’s ring but well nobody offered it to me. Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner? My personal favorite would be Sinestro as I believe his constructs and will power as a Green Lantern is far more intriguing and inspiring at the same time than that of much hailed Kyle and Hal’s characters.

He was not much of a hero or a villain: his character has always been too complex in terms of ethicality to fit in such a restraining space. That personal complexity gives him the ability to tame and utilize the rings of each Lantern Corps of the emotional extent.

Sinestro could not be properly hailed as a hero but he teaches us that hard decisions must be made and love deserves a chance even in the blackest of nights.

Another character that CW brought to me was that of Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow. The basic plotline remained the same but a lot was changed to portray his story on TV.

Still, his character teaches us that the worst situations in our life don’t change us rather they make us more of who we really are. We must look at the debacles and darkness in our lives in a positive way as they teach us more than what the good times would ever do.

There are many interesting characters than the Man of Steel but Superman still is an identifiable and admirable character on its own. I always kind of disliked Superman, because of his costume and that fact that he is so powerful but gradually I made peace with the sheer brilliance of his character.

His true identity is of Superman unlike Bruce Wayne or Barry Allen and he dresses up as a human, Clark Kent. The fact that we are all unique and get the feeling of not belonging to any particular place is aptly described through his character’s journey.

The likes of Gods and Demi Gods like Superman and Wonderwoman are symbols of hope, a ray of optimism that inspires us to fight no matter how dire things are and there will always be something better to move towards.

There are plenty of other comic book characters that teach us so much more about life than books and religions ever could.

I did not write about a lot of them like the Reverse Flash, Bane, the Joker, Deathstroke, Lois Lane, Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Dent, Iris West, Huntress, Supergirl, Cisco Ramon, Lex Luthor, Alfred Pennyworth, Deadshot, Amanda Waller, Steve Trevor, Jor El, Catwoman, Damien Darhk, Lyla Michaels(Harbinger), Talia al Ghul, Black Canary, Barbara Gordon, Vixen, Hippolyta and there are countless of them. But one thing that every character has in common is Conviction. They all had a purpose in their life that we must identify with ours in order to move ahead in the direction that matters.

Music of the Dead

Clock keeps ticking, time runs out

The heart falls still, opinions no more remain stout

A brazen cold breeze, an open wide sky

Moon stays hidden, hope & optimism die

Pretty little heads, tiny tainted minds

Faith departs, dystopia touches mankind

Families no longer stay ridden to love

Wolves fall out of caves, subtly stab the doves

Holding the fire, captor looks around

Soiled in blood, bodies laid to the ground

Tanks rustle quietly, lives it capsize

Breathless, numb & lost spirits, stare dead in red skies

A withering vision vouches for company

Bloodshed drowns me, death composes a symphony

Light descended, no woke soul came out of bed

Oh, irony take me offshore, I remain alive to cherish, music of the dead.